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I love to write! No matter what my mood or situation in life, writing has always been the way celebrate or cope. Now I want to learn how to share what I love with others, & how to write that which is worthy of being shared.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Time to query

   This is it folks. I can no longer hide from my own fear of rejection... Or my inability to finish tasks.  There are 248 pages of fear, self loathing, prejudice, guilt, beauty, hidden strength, family, love, and loyalty that deserve to be presented to the world.  After seven years of writing and scrapping and rewriting, editing and tearing apart and adding, I am simply to the point where I can do no more to shape this story.  My protagonist is the kind of woman I hope to be someday.  The family she builds around herself is strong and right. It does them all a great disservice to shamefully hide them away. 

   Therefore, Monday will be a day of challenges for me.  I will get up and work out.  I will get my housework and mom-work done.  I will write a query letter and rewrite it and tear it apart and make it perfect, so that even if my novel is not yet worthy of printing, it will have been given every chance to be.  Well, I may not sweat or clean tomorrow (who am I kidding), but for certtain, I will write, always write. It is the love that has never abandoned me, no matter how I mistreated and neglected it. Now that my heart is more open than it has ever been, it is time to invest in this love too.


  1. DO it girl! If you're looking for help, check out Elana Johnson's blog http://elanajohnson.blogspot.com/ for great tips on how to get your query going. Her advice is indispensable.

  2. Thank you so much!!!